Manual Chain Hoists

CM Hurricane 360 Hand Chain Hoist

The CM Hurricane 360° features a one-of-a-kind hand chain cover, the CM Hurricane 360° provides flexibility and versatility for challenging applications.

cm hurricane 360 hand chain hoist

Product Specs

Hurricane 360 Options

Product SKUs Capacity (tons) Lift Heights Our Price
5623A 5624A 5625A 5651A HU500GA10 HU500GA15 HU500GA20 HU500GA30 HU500PA10 HU500PA15 HU500PA20 HU500PA30 1/2 10-ft 15-ft 20-ft 30-ft $321.00$1,599.00 BUY ONLINE
5626A 5627A 5628A 5653A HU1000GA10 HU1000GA15 HU1000GA20 HU1000GA30 HU1000PA10 HU1000PA15 HU1000PA20 HU1000PA30 1 10-ft 15-ft 20-ft 30-ft $365.00$1,755.00 BUY ONLINE
5629A 5630A 5631A HU2000GA10 HU2000GA15 HU2000GA20 HU2000GA30 HU2000PA10 HU2000PA15 HU2000PA20 HU2000PA30 2 10-ft 15-ft 20-ft 30-ft $569.00$2,090.00 BUY ONLINE
5635A 5636A 5637A HU3000GA10 HU3000GA15 HU3000GA20 HU3000GA30 HU3000PA10 HU3000PA15 HU3000PA20 HU3000PA30 3 10-ft 15-ft 20-ft 30-ft $968.00$2,917.00 BUY ONLINE
5639A 5640A 5641A HU5000GA10 HU5000GA15 HU5000GA20 HU5000GA30 HU5000PA10 HU5000PA15 HU5000PA20 HU5000PA30 5 10-ft 15-ft 20-ft 30-ft $1,255.00$4,056.00 BUY ONLINE
5643A 5644A 5645A HU10000GA10 HU10000GA15 HU10000GA20 HU10000GA30 10 10-ft 15-ft 20-ft 30-ft $2,483.00$8,211.00 BUY ONLINE
HU15000GA10 HU15000GA15 HU15000GA20 HU15000GA30 HU15000H10 HU15000H15 HU15000H20 HU15000H30 15 10-ft 15-ft 20-ft 30-ft $6,594.00$11,997.00 BUY ONLINE
HU20000GA10 HU20000GA15 HU20000GA20 HU20000GA30 HU20000H10 HU20000H15 HU20000H20 HU20000H30 20 10-ft 15-ft 20-ft 30-ft $6,594.00$11,997.00 BUY ONLINE

Features & Benefits

Hurricane 360 Specs


  • Unique rotating hand chain cover allows the chain to rotate a full 360 degrees for safe and efficient operation from any direction.
  • Cover design promotes smooth movement of the chain.
  • The Weston-style braking system provides positive load control and reliable performance.
  • Standard load limiter provides simple, automatic overload protection to prevent injuries.
  • Internal gears and pinions are made of heat-treated steel for high strength and long life.
  • Powder-coated finish provides protection against corrosion.
  • Precision 4-pocket liftwheel and chain guide provide better chain fit and alignment to reduce wear.
  • Hoist requires minimal maintenance and can be easily disassembled with standard tools.
  • Genuine CM Hurricane 360° parts are available in Total Repair Kits and convenient bulk packaging through CM Parts Star™.
  • Meets ASME B30.16 & European CE Standard.
  • Hook mounted suspension standard. Other suspensions available.
  • Lifetime warranty.

Optional Features

  • Chain containers.
  • Zinc-plated load and hand chain.
  • Latchlok hooks.
  • Without standard load limiter.
  • Army-type integrate trolley. Plain & Geared.

Lifting Capacities

  • 1/2 Ton
  • 1 ton
  • 2 Ton
  • 3 Ton
  • 5 Ton
  • 10 Ton
  • 15 Ton
  • 20 Ton

Lifting Heights

  • 10 ft.
  • 15 ft.
  • 20 ft.
  • 30 ft.


  • 1 Chain
  • 2 Chains
  • 3 Chains
  • 6 Chains