Lifting Capacity

CM 1 Ton Hoists

1-ton hoists cater to a broader range of applications. They offer a good balance between strength and portability, making them versatile tools in many settings.

lodestar classic clean room hoist

Where They're Used

1 Ton Applications

The 1-ton hoists find their place in a sweet spot of strength and versatility. Their lifting capacity is substantial enough to cater to many industrial needs, yet they maintain a degree of portability, proving ideal for sites with evolving lifting requirements. This combination of strength and mobility makes them highly sought after in varied operational environments.

  • Construction: Lifting construction materials and equipment.
  • Automotive: For heavier engine blocks and equipment.
  • Small Warehouses: Moving heavier pallets or equipment.
  • Machine Shops: Handling medium-sized machinery.
  • Marine and Docks: Lifting boat engines or dockside equipment.