Lifting Capacity

CM 10 Ton Hoists

Hoists with 10-ton capacity stand as the heavyweights, designed for extreme lifting challenges. Their capacity ensures efficient operations in the toughest industries.

cm hurricane 360 hand chain hoist

Where They're Used

10 Ton Applications

Standing as behemoths in the world of hoists, the 10-ton capacity models are engineered for the heaviest of tasks in the most demanding of environments. Their unmatched strength is a testament to their design, ensuring safe and efficient operations even under extreme conditions. They cater to industries where the norm involves lifting massive loads with an unwavering emphasis on safety and reliability.

  • Heavy-Duty Construction: For major infrastructure projects.
  • Steel and Metal Production: Handling extremely heavy metal rolls or machinery.
  • Shipbuilding: For the largest ship components and structures.
  • Mining: Managing the heaviest ores and excavation equipment.
  • Large Power Plants: Handling enormous machinery and equipment components.