Lifting Capacity

CM 3 Ton Hoists

Hoists with a 3-ton capacity are tailored for heavier industrial work such as construction, where the materials or equipment involved are notably weighty and substantial.

CM Tornado 360 lever hoist

Where They're Used

3 Ton Applications

For environments that frequently handle hefty items, 3-ton hoists are indispensable. They combine the ruggedness required for consistent heavy lifting with the reliability that many industries need. Their design and build make them suitable for tasks that go beyond the ordinary, standing up to the demands of truly substantial lifting requirements.

  • Steel Mills: Handling steel rolls, materials, and equipment.
  • Large Scale Construction: For skyscrapers and larger projects.
  • Railways: Lifting train components and maintenance.
  • Large Warehouses: For heavy-duty storage needs.
  • Heavy Machinery Manufacturing: Dealing with larger machines and equipment.