Lifting Capacity

CM 5 Ton Hoists

5-ton hoists are among the heavyweights in the lifting world. They are engineered for some of the most challenging tasks in some of the most demanding industries.

powerstar hoist

Where They're Used

5 Ton Applications

Reserved for the upper echelons of heavy-duty work, 5-ton hoists are the titans of the lifting world. Their monumental capacity is a testament to their engineering, catering to the most challenging tasks in the harshest of environments. With an emphasis on safety, reliability, and strength, they are the go-to choice for industries that cannot afford any compromises.

  • Heavy Industry: Steel, cement, and other substantial material production.
  • Aerospace: Handling airplane components and parts.
  • Major Infrastructure Projects: Large bridges, dams, and tunnels.
  • Oil and Gas: Lifting heavy machinery and equipment.
  • Large Shipbuilding: Dealing with massive ship components and materials.