Lifting Capacity

CM 4 Ton Hoists

These hoists are for intensive industrial use such as mining and energy. Their strength and sturdiness make them indispensable in settings where massive loads are the norm.

cm cyclone hand chain hoist

Where They're Used

4 Ton Applications

As we climb higher in the lifting capacity ladder, the 4-ton hoists mark their territory in the realms of intensive industrial use. Engineered for resilience, they cater to environments where massive loads are routine, ensuring that operations proceed without a hitch. Their formidable strength and durability make them essential tools in the heaviest of industries.

  • Infrastructure Projects: Bridges, tunnels, and dams.
  • Heavy-duty Manufacturing: For especially weighty machinery and components.
  • Shipyard and Docks: Handling large ship components.
  • Mining: Dealing with massive minerals and equipment.
  • Energy: Lifting heavy components in power plants.