Lifting Capacity

CM 1 1/2 Ton Hoists

The 1 1/2 ton hoists offer enhanced strength for more demanding industrial tasks. Built for endurance, they're ideal when 1-ton hoists might be stretched thin.

cm 640 puller hoist

Where They're Used

1 1/2 Ton Applications

Positioned for tasks that go beyond the standard industrial requirements, the 1 1/2 ton hoists deliver increased strength for more demanding lifting tasks. These hoists are built to endure and offer reliable lifting solutions for scenarios where a 1-ton hoist might be pushed to its limits. Their enhanced capacity combined with rugged design makes them a favorite in environments requiring robust and dependable lifting mechanisms.

  • Construction: Lifting heavier construction materials.
  • Agriculture: Handling larger farming equipment.
  • Medium-Scale Warehouses: For bulkier pallets or equipment.
  • Machine Shops: Handling more substantial machinery.
  • Forestry: Lifting logs and timber equipment.