Lifting Capacity

CM Hoist Lifting Capacities

Whether you're looking for a 1/2 ton hoist for intricate tasks, a 5-ton hoist for large-scale operations, or anything in between, each capacity serves a distinct purpose and CM hoists has exactly what you need.

powerstar hoist

1/4 Ton Hoists

Hoists of 1/4 ton capacity are designed for the most delicate of lifting operations, where precision and control take precedence. Ideal for tasks that require meticulous handling, these hoists are often chosen for their agility and ease of operation. Lightweight and easy to maneuver, they are perfect for scenarios where lifting requirements are moderate, but precision is paramount.

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shopair air chain hoist

1/2 Ton Hoists

Hoists with a lifting capacity of 1/2 ton are geared towards light-duty applications, where precision and nimbleness are paramount. Due to their compact nature, they offer unparalleled mobility, making them a favorite among professionals working in smaller spaces or requiring frequent relocation of the hoist. Their capacity suits tasks that demand finesse rather than sheer strength, allowing them to excel in specific niches.

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airstar air chain hoist

3/4 Ton Hoists

3/4 ton hoists elegantly bridge the gap between light and medium-duty lifting operations. Offering a step up from the more delicate tasks without delving into heavy-duty territory, these hoists find their sweet spot in environments that occasionally require that extra bit of lifting power. Their balance between strength and precision makes them a popular choice for varied applications.

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cm bandit lever hoist

1 Ton Hoists

The 1-ton hoists find their place in a sweet spot of strength and versatility. Their lifting capacity is substantial enough to cater to many industrial needs, yet they maintain a degree of portability, proving ideal for sites with evolving lifting requirements. This combination of strength and mobility makes them highly sought after in varied operational environments.

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lodestar classic clean room hoist

1 1/2 Ton Hoists

Positioned for tasks that go beyond the standard industrial requirements, the 1 1/2 ton hoists deliver increased strength for more demanding lifting tasks. These hoists are built to endure and offer reliable lifting solutions for scenarios where a 1-ton hoist might be pushed to its limits. Their enhanced capacity combined with rugged design makes them a favorite in environments requiring robust and dependable lifting mechanisms.

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cm 640 puller hoist

2 Ton Hoists

When strength starts becoming a more pressing requirement, the 2-ton hoists step into the limelight. These machines are tailor-made for rigorous industrial scenarios where substantial items need to be moved or positioned with consistency. Their robust build and enhanced capacity make them a staple in many sectors where the daily operations involve weighty loads.

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lodestar nh hoist

3 Ton Hoists

For environments that frequently handle hefty items, 3-ton hoists are indispensable. They combine the ruggedness required for consistent heavy lifting with the reliability that many industries need. Their design and build make them suitable for tasks that go beyond the ordinary, standing up to the demands of truly substantial lifting requirements.

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CM Tornado 360 lever hoist

4 Ton Hoists

As we climb higher in the lifting capacity ladder, the 4-ton hoists mark their territory in the realms of intensive industrial use. Engineered for resilience, they cater to environments where massive loads are routine, ensuring that operations proceed without a hitch. Their formidable strength and durability make them essential tools in the heaviest of industries.

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cm cyclone hand chain hoist

5 Ton Hoists

Reserved for the upper echelons of heavy-duty work, 5-ton hoists are the titans of the lifting world. Their monumental capacity is a testament to their engineering, catering to the most challenging tasks in the harshest of environments. With an emphasis on safety, reliability, and strength, they are the go-to choice for industries that cannot afford any compromises.

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powerstar hoist

10 Ton Hoists

Standing as behemoths in the world of hoists, the 10-ton capacity models are engineered for the heaviest of tasks in the most demanding of environments. Their unmatched strength is a testament to their design, ensuring safe and efficient operations even under extreme conditions. They cater to industries where the norm involves lifting massive loads with an unwavering emphasis on safety and reliability.

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cm hurricane 360 hand chain hoist