Lifting Capacity

CM 2 Ton Hoists

2-ton hoists are designed for more robust tasks. They can handle many industrial applications and are suitable for environments where more substantial items need moving or positioning.

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Where They're Used

2 Ton Applications

When strength starts becoming a more pressing requirement, the 2-ton hoists step into the limelight. These machines are tailor-made for rigorous industrial scenarios where substantial items need to be moved or positioned with consistency. Their robust build and enhanced capacity make them a staple in many sectors where the daily operations involve weighty loads.

  • Industrial Manufacturing: Lifting heavy machinery and components.
  • Shipbuilding: Handling ship parts and materials.
  • Heavy-duty Workshops: Dealing with larger machinery and parts.
  • Agriculture: Lifting heavy farm equipment and machinery.
  • Mining: Handling minerals, equipment, and ores.