Lifting Capacity

CM 3/4 Ton Hoists

Hoists with 3/4 ton capacity bridge the realm between light and medium-duty lifting. Their balance of power and precision caters to a diverse range of tasks.

cm bandit lever hoist

Where They're Used

3/4 Ton Applications

3/4 ton hoists elegantly bridge the gap between light and medium-duty lifting operations. Offering a step up from the more delicate tasks without delving into heavy-duty territory, these hoists find their sweet spot in environments that occasionally require that extra bit of lifting power. Their balance between strength and precision makes them a popular choice for varied applications.

  • Automotive Repair Shops: For medium-sized engine parts and components.
  • Medium-Sized Manufacturing: Moving intermediate machinery or larger parts.
  • Art Galleries: Handling larger sculptures or installations.
  • Equipment Repair: For moderately heavy machinery or parts.
  • Landscaping: Moving stones, sculptures, or medium-sized plants.